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We Eat Better

We set out to deliver you a Better, Healthier snack. We went back to the basics with natural and easy to pronounce ingredients to develop the perfect, better, bite-sized treat. All of our products are made with 5 or 6 ingredients that you know and can pronounce. Everyone wants to have options when it comes to snacking and here at We Eat Better, we work hard everyday to develop those for you to enjoy.

5 Ingredient
Wheat Crisps

Our 5 ingredient Wheat Crisps are vegan, low fat, non-gmo, and made from 100% whole grain. If that doesn't cut it for you they are also made with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. They come in 3 flavors including; original, sea salt, and crushed red pepper. These little crisps are perfect on their own or topped with your favorite dip.


6 Ingredient
Protein Crisps

We are excited to announce our 6 ingredient Protein Crisps! Just like our Wheat Crisps, these snack are made with only ingredients you know and can pronounce but have the added benefit of being packed with protein. Great for your post-workout or yoga session, you won't feel bad about snacking on these!

"I love when I find a snack That
I can feel gooD about eating."

— Nicole A. (Chicago, IL)